Snehlata Gupta memorial college Rasulabad was established on 01/07/2009 by Gupta memorial education committee. Late Sneh lata Gupta daughter of Late Shri Itwari lal Gupta, Resident of Bidhuna, Dist Etawah was born on date 14-03-1941 and by being married to Mr. Mahendra kumar on date 18-02-1959 entered Rasulabad. From the very beginning she was interested in helping and providing education to the poor and deprived section of the society,but unfortunately this attractive personality left us alone on date 02-08-1992.her grandson vineet kumar gupta taking inspiration and help from senior shri Rajendra Prasad gupta, shri kaushal kaushal gupta,shri swami Sharad gupta, shri Mithilesh kumar Gupta and shri Sushil kumar Gupta organised a committee on date 30.06.2009 to establish the college.

Aim :–

The institute was established because of lack of means of higher education. To provide brilliant students and every section of the society education at cheaper rate.

Vision :–

His college will award brilliant students and provide free education and unhide the latent talent in the society and will continue to serve higher education in near future.