Dear Readers

This college is famous for its quality education,discipline and emotional attachment between students right from the year of its establishment.Attractive College was established with attractive campus,labs and in between full of greenery free from enviornmental pollution.

Every student make us feel that they passing a time that will be a deciding factor for their future and fortune.These days dear friends the attraction between students is at its peak .It is the responsibility of every student to think hundred times before making friendship.Good friends,books and allmighty god with immense power need to be entertained.One should make a note of good thinking.Whenever one reads or listen about good things it should be noted down,revised it from time to time.Ideal persons,personalities and their autobiography need to be kept in mind and should be thought off. From the point of view of education college is an ideal one leaving aside it also excells in the implementation of discipline,character and values. Today most of the students do not understand the value of time,they spend their precious time in doing useless things. They lack the awareness of shaping their future. I want to give an advice to the students that they should understand the value of time so that their future will be bright.

To Make up your mindset and think that success is your birth right. Make a plan to achieve your target and endeavour to achieve it, may you attain success this is what me and the teachers will try to have for you all.


Dr.Muneshwar Ray